Officer David Kellywood

95th Annual WMAT Fair & Rodeo

September 2-7, 2020

Fort Apache Indian Reservation - Whiteriver, Arizona

In Memory of Officer David Kellywood of the White Mountain Apache Police Department, Whiteriver, Arizona.

The following are the services for Officer Kellywood
He will lie in state ( with open viewing ) at the Chief Alchesay Activity Center beginning February 27, 2020 at 10 AM - with his funeral being held on Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 11 AM.

Those wishing to donate can do so at any Wells Fargo Branch in Memoriam of Officer David Kellywood account number #1274804507.

Contact information for the family through the Police Department is Elmer Lamson at (480) 737-0470. You may contact Elmer for other donations for the wake as well.

Public Information Officer for this incident is Chief Deputy Brian Swanty of Navajo County Sheriffs Office.

Social Media Statment by Gwendena Lee-Gatewood, Tribal Chairwoman, White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Good afternoon, News of the death of Officer David Kellywood evoked an outpouring of condolences and tributes from all over the state. Thank you to everyone for all the condolences sent to the Tribe, family, police department. Governor Ducey thank you for honoring our request to have the State recognize his death and directing statewide flags to be flown at Half-staff. We are grateful for the love shown toward the family, police department, and the Tribe. We have a brave officer who devoted himself to others-to serve and protect others-that in the process he was willing to give his life to do so. So, today and every day, let us pause and remember Officer Kellywood for how he died, but also how he lived.

He was a compassionate, caring, tough and brave. He served with humility and quiet dignity. But to his family and community, he was more than an Officer. He was a Father, Husband, Brother, Son, Cousin, Uncle, Sports enthusiast, a man who is a child of God. As Chairwoman, I am reminded of the daily sacrifices an officer makes for myself and my family, and for you too. I sit here and ponder the loss we have experienced today, and it has been a heavy load on our hearts. More so, for his wife and children. He died serving his community today. He reflected the very core of what it means to have citizenship.

His wife Kamelia, their sons Gabriel and David Jr., their hearts are burdened with pain. David had a great abiding love for his wife, and his children. He was so proud that he was beginning his career in Law Enforcement, and spoke of how proud he was that his wife obtained her Masters Degree in Public Health and working for Johns Hopkins. Wherever he went, he had a smile, friendly demeanor and a warm greeting. We will miss that.

Officer Kellywood demonstrated the heart of a servant. I can not adequately express how much we will miss him.

To our Whiteriver Police Department, Chief Shaw and fellow officers, those from other jurisdictions who are coming to assist and in general first responders: Every day you confront danger so it does not hurt us, you carry the burdens and meet demands to keep us safe. You do your good deeds far beyond the call of duty. You endure so much, as do your families to keep our communities safe. I know that for you officers who worked with Officer Kellywood, each of you have taken this tragedy personally, that this loss is like loss of a family member. You are in mourning just like his family and the rest of the community. Know that you are loved, we know that you do your dangerous job with valor. As you continue to serve, we keep you in prayer and your families. We appreciate you and thank you for your courageous service. I am deeply saddened, but know that God is in control and he will heal our hearts according to his time. Please continue your prayers for the family and the officers and the Tribe.

God bless the memory of Officer Kellywood and his journey to the spirit world. God bless the White Mountain Apache people, and especially his widow Kamelia and their two boys Gabriel and David Kellywood Jr., and extended families.

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